Positive Changes for Women’s R&A

Scottsdale, Ariz. (October 4th, 2023) – Victoria Golf Resort in Sri Lanka and Madinaty Golf Club in Egypt have joined Troon International facilities from the Middle East in signing The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter, a global initiative aimed at increasing the number of women and girls who participate in golf and creating more opportunities for women to work within the golf industry. Victoria Golf Resort and Madinaty Golf Club become the first clubs in their respective countries to sign the charter, demonstrating their commitment to engaging women and girls in golf and growing the sport locally.
Madinaty Golf Club has been instrumental in engaging local female golfers, launching their Girls Go Golf events back in 2021, which provide a platform for beginners to explore golf through introductory clinics and progress to joining tournaments with more advanced female golfers and to enjoy the full golf experience at the club. As part of their Women in Golf Charter commitments, the club plans to expand their female golf programs and promotions to engage women in the social scene at the club too.
Andy Stockinger, General Manager at Madinaty Golf Club, said, “Madinaty Golf Club is thrilled to have signed The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter and join our fellow Troon International golf clubs in the Middle East to be part of this global initiative. We are the first golf club in Egypt to sign up to the Charter, which is a fantastic achievement for us all at the club, and we hope this will be a catalyst for more clubs locally to join. Together we can introduce and increase women and girls participation and open up opportunities within the golf industry, within the country and worldwide.”
Since its debut in 2018, the Women in Golf Charter has garnered signatures from 1,300+ organisations across 77 countries. Proudly joining the ranks, Madinaty Golf Club claims the spotlight as Egypt’s trailblazer, while Victoria Golf Resort strides forward as the pioneer in embracing these crucial initiatives in Sri Lanka.
Victoria Golf Resort’s core values lie around promoting inclusivity and diversity. The club is committed to attracting more female golfers by offering initiatives and events that enhance the social aspects of golf. Every year the Women’s Challenge Trophy is organised and open to all women across the club. Additionally, Victoria Golf Resort is fostering relationships with local schools to introduce girls to the sport through the First Club Initiative. Understanding the significance of increasing the female representation in the golf industry, the club, which already counts many women amongst their employees is in the process of actively promoting and recruiting women for various paid roles in teams like agronomy, kitchen, food and beverage, coaching and management. The company also strives to provide proper professional development programmes and training as well as other strategic support that help women to advance their career within the industry.

Kanchana Wickramasinghe, General Manager, said, “At Victoria Golf Resort, 30% of associates consist of women across various departments like, member relations, agronomy, caddies and kitchen and one thing that connects all of them is golf. By signing the Women in Golf Charter, we are making efforts to promote gender equality and inclusivity. Victoria Golf Resort continually strives to make golf accessible through fun activities and CSR events. Collectively we believe that we can create a beneficial influence on the sport guaranteeing its inclusivity and pleasure for all involved.”

DJ Flanders, Vice President Troon International, said, “We are thrilled that Victoria Golf Resort and Madinaty Golf Club have both signed The R&A’s Women in Golf Charter, demonstrating the facilities commitment to increasing the number of women and girls who participate in golf in Sri Lanka and Egypt. Their work to introduce local women and girls to the game of golf and engage them in the entire golf club experience through accessibility can make a positive impact on the future of the sport in Sri Lanka and Egypt to ensure that golf remains accessible and enjoyable for everyone.”
Jackie Davidson, Director of Golf Development at The R&A said,The Women in Golf Charter has really galvanised the golf industry around a shared vision for golf and driven change. We are delighted to have Victoria Golf Resort and Madinaty Golf Club pledge their commitment to women’s golf and join over 1,300 organisations worldwide in making it a more accessible and inclusive sport. Thanks to the Charter, we are already seeing a positive impact on golf participation numbers around the world, a trend we hope that Sri Lanka and Egypt will also experience.”
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